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Coke has been our joy since 1993.

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Facts about coke


Coke is used as a reducing agent in blast furnace to smelt iron ore. The carbon monoxide produced by cokes combustion reduces iron oxides in the production of the iron product.

High heating power

Gross calorific value of coke can be higher up to 30% compared to coal.

Ecological fuel

Coke is solid smokeless fuel with low level of emissions and dustiness

Green gas

Coke oven gas produced during metallurgical coal carbonization contains more than 50% of hydrogen.

Valued by-products

Except metallurgical coke and coke oven gas, classical slot oven coke plants produce a lot of valuable by-products like tar, benzene and sulphur compounds that are valuable for chemical industry.

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37th  International Cokemaking Conference 2020

37th International Cokemaking Conference 2020

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Membership fees of natural persons for 2020

Membership fees of natural persons for 2020

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Death of Ing. Josef Káňa

Death of Ing. Josef Káňa

We regret to inform you of the death of Ing....
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The Czech Cokemaking Society co-operates with many Czech as well as foreign companies. We appreciate cooperation especially with the following corporate bodies that rank among the members of the Society: